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The engineering expertise of Condra, the flexibility offered by our in-house design facilities, and our wide range of standard products have placed us among the world’s leading crane manufacturers.

Condra is organised around four main divisions: Design, Manufacture, Service and Sales. Cranes are designed and manufactured up to an including heavy duty Class 4, and to the standards of ISO, GOST and other internationally recognised quality control bodies.

Stringently applied standards of manufacture ensure that we deliver cranes and hoists without equal
in terms of quality, price and precision of performance. Our philosophy of simplified maintenance through functional design is reflected in a solid reputation for mechanical reliability. Sales staff are all qualified engineers.

The design experience gathered in installations around the globe is today incorporated in every one of a wide range of products, the quality of which has been proven in highly corrosive environments and under wide extremes of temperature, humidity and altitude.


Made in South Africa.Made in Bulgaria.Made in Chile.

Supplied Worldwide.