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BB Cranes, the Cape Town-based lifting equipment manufacturer, is to deliver two 4 ton, 5 metre span underslung cranes to Zandvliet Wastewater Treatment Works.

To be installed in new upper and lower screw-pump stations that will form part of the plant’s expansion, both machines have been ergonomically designed to facilitate manual control of the long-travel, cross-travel and lift.

They follow earlier delivery of a 4-ton, 14,7-metre span double-girder electric overhead travelling crane for the dewatering building, and two articulated hoists for the poly-storeroom and service-water pump station.

All five machines were ordered from BB Cranes by PCI Africa, one of the continent’s leading water technology designers and contractors, and the company managing the multi-million Rand expansion of Zandvliet’s daily capacity from 72 million to 90 million litres.

Commissioning of several sections of the project already under way will take place in 2021.

Zandvliet Wastewater Treatment Works is responsible for the southern parts of Kuils River, Delft, Blackheath, Blackheath Industria, Blue Downs, Eerste River, De Wijnlanden, Thembokwezi, Mxolisi Phetani and Khayelitsha.

BB Cranes and Condra ready for Western Cape uptick

The Condra 4-ton, 14,7-metre span double-girder electric overhead travelling crane already installed at Zandvliet Wastewater Treatment Works.

For the cranes that its expansion needs, there are paint and other anti-corrosion specifications unique to the operating environment. BB Cranes has worked closely with PCI Africa for the past three years to tailor its product to meet these requirements.

Beyond the recent deliveries and orders, the two companies have together submitted tenders for lifting equipment required by a number of other pump station projects in the Western Cape, as well as – beyond South Africa’s borders – Botswana and Namibia.

BB Cranes, majority owned by Condra since 2016, was formed in 1992 to marry locally manufactured overhead crane girders and electrification systems to components from Condra’s Johannesburg factory. Today, the localised crane assembly offered by this Cape Town manufacturer provides Western Cape customers with ready access to local supply and technical support unaffected by exchange rate fluctuations.

The company is working towards ISO 9000 certification, assisted by Condra which is already certified to this standard.

BB Cranes’ traditional emphasis on delivering world-class cranes offered from within Cape Town and backed by rapid, effective technical support, remains a core value.

“Although Condra helps with design, BB Cranes remains focused on localised employment and regional customers within the Western Cape,” said company general manager Stephen Brink.

Expanding on the recent orders for Zandvliet, he said that the company was ready for an anticipated increase in demand for cranes, hoists and other lifting equipment associated with pump station upgrades and the need for increased wastewater purification capacity.

“We are close to site, our facilities are top-notch, and BB Cranes’ sales support and after-sales technical service teams are already trained and in place,” Brink said.

“We are looking forward to an increase in business.”
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