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Condra is increasing its exports of hoists

The installation and commissioning of a 70/12.5/5-ton 37.2-metre span crane at the gas turbine power station in Perm, Russia, was recently completed. Condra is making its presence felt in Russia, with a stand at the Mining Trade Show in Moscow resulting in orders for a further 90/20-ton components with a span of 16.2 metres, ordered by Miheevsk Copper Mine. Furthermore, 2 x sets of 100/20/5 ton components were used to build two 37.2m span cranes at gas power station in Nijniy Turinsk. In Africa, a first-of-its-kind mine portal design has just been developed to fast-track the pre-sink phase of new mineshafts. This crane makes possible a period of just three months for a typical 50 metre mineshaft pre-sink. In North America, Condra is increasing its exports of hoists, cranes and spares to Canada, while in South America, sales of cranes with capacities between 40-ton and 60-ton continue at a steady pace.
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